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Genmist Coffee Heatsticks

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About Flavor:

Relaxing coffee scent embedded in rich smoking feeling from nicotine, enjoy the afternoon with the strong aroma. The high quality and unique taste make it stand out from the crowds.


Unit type Block | Pack
Quantity 10 Packs/Block | 20 sticks/Pack
Size 17 x 7.1 x 5.1 cm | 8.3 x 4.9 x 1.4 cm
Brand Genmist
Main Ingredients Mixed Organic Herbal Leafs
Flavor Coffee
Nicotine Content 2 mg/stick
Gross Weight 230 g | 23 g
Package Color Box+ Inner Carton +Outer Carton



  • Tobacco-Free & Tar-Free
  • No Burning, No Smell
  • Less Harmful
  • Compatible with IQOS


Made with tobacco-free, pure plant material and a plant pellet formula for a new “smoking experience”. Tobacco-free, tar-free, smoke-free, fresh and natural, fragrance-free and beneficial for body and mind. Heated sticks do not cause secondhand smoke, which benefits others. Suitable for IQOS (except Iqos ILUMA), Genmist and similar tobacco heaters. Super delicious tea taste with different flavors, very authentic and beautiful. The throat does not tickle, there is no smell of smoke and the breath is fresh. There are two quantity options: Block (10 packs of 20 sticks each) or Pack (10 sticks inside). No tobacco, black/green tea is heated and “smoked”. This is a great alternative to tobacco sticks. Gene Stick is a heated tobacco-free product that contains genetic particles, a filter tip, and food-grade silicone wrapped in food-grade paper. After heating to 300°C, the gel particles generate water vapor, which mainly contains various flavors. The water vapor is also filtered through the silicone and the filter tip and reaches the mouth as warm, pleasant vapor. Gen Particle is designed to blend traditional tobacco into Heat Not Burn products to provide consumers with a pleasurable new smoking experience. Genetic particles are extracted from tea leaves and other natural plants. The raw materials are carefully selected by technical specialists from the best factories in the world. They are processed on advanced machines to form stable particles with different flavors. The genetic particles do not contain tobacco or tobacco-derived products.

With this product, you can quit smoking completely by first switching to low-nicotine varieties and later to nicotine-free varieties (5 varieties). Thus, over time, your dependence on nicotine completely disappears.

With this nicotine-free variety, you can completely quit smoking.

We order 5 types without nicotine from the manufacturer:
– Mint
– Menthol
– Yellowblast
– Coffee
– Blueberry


Additional information

Weight 230 g
Dimensions 17 × 5,1 × 7,1 cm


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