Nicotine, but not tobacco

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Genmist manufacturers value consistent quality as the most important value they deliver to our customers. All of Genmist’s global factories are GMP, HACCP and ISO certified clean factories. Genmist scientists strictly control humidity and temperature to effectively maintain the product quality from batch to batch. They invest heavily into an independent ventilation and logistics system for different product lines to avoid cross-infection of products.

Pure Potential

Tobacco brings illness and death to millions of people. Yet nicotine in its pure form has the potential to be a valuable pharmaceutical agent. Nicotine binds to the cholinergic nicotinic gating site on cationic ion channels in receptors throughout the body. When chronically taken, nicotine may result in (1) positive reinforcement, (2) negative reinforcement, (3) reduction of body weight, (4) enhancement of performance, and protection against; (5) Parkinson’s disease (6) Tourette’s disease (7) Alzheimer’s disease, (8) ulcerative colitis and (9) sleep apnea. With heavy investment in technology and innovation, Genmist focus on new nicotine products without tobacco to make quitting tobacco is an enjoyable process

Genmist entwickelt

Genmist scientists have developed their own proprietary production system, a key for stable product output during large-scale production. Their machines are equipped with cutting-edge AI visual recognition systems for automatic online quality control.

18 manual quality control steps for every product expanding from raw ingredients to finished products, to aid the AI system in quality control processes.

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