About us

Healthy and modern lifestyle

Our international team started its work in 2021 and mainly promotes a healthy and modern lifestyle. That’s why we’ve found products that help people reduce the side effects of smoking or quit it entirely. We did some analytics and realized that many smokers would like to quit smoking, but unfortunately can’t do it without stress.

Our researches

We found on the market the only manufacturer of herbal sticks – Genmist, which was able to offer herbal sticks with nicotine, but without tobacco so that smokers could get nicotine, which, according to studies conducted by leading US and Japanese experts, does not harm the lungs at all, unlike nicotine, which is released from tobacco.
We went even further and ordered several varieties without nicotine, as among our customers there were people who wanted to smoke tea/herbal sticks without tobacco and nicotine.

Support Ukraine

From February 24, 2022, we also send part of the money from the sale of our products to Ukraine, in addition, part of our team lives and works in Ukraine
You can read reviews about our store on the site Amazon, but the commission that goes to pay for the services of this site is currently needed more for ordinary people and refugees from Ukraine. By buying products on the Amazon or eBay site, you help the owners of this site, and by buying products from us, you save your money and help the inhabitants of Ukraine!