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HNB cleaning set for Iqos and similar HNB devices – 30 cleaning sticks


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With the “frieQuos” cleaning sticks you can keep the holder clean and free of odors.

An ultra-thin cleaning stick pack contains 30 cleaning sticks and tweezers,

30x filters compatible with IQOS 3 Holder
Each filter made of pressed cotton can remain in the holder for 30 – 40 passes before it needs to be replaced.


  • The FQS Ultra Cleaning Tool consists of: cleaning cotton buds (cleaning sticks) 3 packs (total 30), absorption pads 2 types (total 60), 1 cleaning blade, 1 heating blade protector and 1 tweezers. It has been specially designed for cleaning, decontamination and repair of I-QOS electronic cigarette heaters and their compatible machines to extend the life of I-QOS.
  • The cotton buds (cleaning sticks) are made of high-quality plant cotton with high oil absorption, heat resistance, tasteless and durable. The cotton swab already contains a detergent (moisturising cotton swab), so you don’t have to buy a special cleaning agent that saves money and saves hassle and is very thoughtful.
  • Before inserting the tobacco stick (stick), first place a cleaning pad (suction pad) on the root of the heating blade of the I-QOS E-cigarette with tweezers. Regular replacement of the suction pad keeps the smoker clean and extends the life of the smoker. This product offers 2 types of absorbent pads for different versions of electronic I-QOS cigarettes.
  • The cleaning blade removes dirt that remains on the I-QOS heating blade. Follow the instructions before operation to properly install the heating sheet protector so that the heating sheet is not damaged. When descaling, make sure not to scratch the surface of the heated blade.
  • This product is a Japanese brand, original quality product. The package includes the brand registration certificate and the FDA certificate for verification. You can buy and use it. Bilingual Japanese and English user manuals are convenient for users to read. It is made of exquisite compact plastic packaging and is beautiful and easy to carry.


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