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V PLUS Tank Guava s2/s5 2mg


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Guava Grove:

Immerse yourself in the tropical allure of Guava Grove. This flavor captures the sweet and fragrant essence of ripe guavas, creating a vaping experience that is both exotic and satisfying. Let the juicy and tropical flavor of guava transport you to a sun-soaked grove with every puff.

Key Features:

  1. Premium Ingredients: The Vplus Tank boasts a formulation crafted with precision, comprising 95% purified water, tobacco-free nicotine, and pure plant extracts. Unlike traditional liquid oils, there’s no presence of PG/VG or other harmful chemicals.
  2. Revolutionary Nebulization: Powered by Feellife’s innovative AiMesh technology, our tanks operate through a medical nebulization method. This cutting-edge approach eliminates burning and heating, ensuring no harmful substances are released during use.
  3. Efficient Nicotine Delivery: Traditional vapes often come with high nicotine content, but Vplus stands apart. With a mere 2mg of nicotine, our nebulization technology maximizes efficiency, delivering the same satisfaction as traditional vapes with significantly lower nicotine content. This results in a healthier alternative for enthusiasts.
  4. Medical-Grade Manufacturing: As a professional manufacturer with a strong medical background, our facilities are certified, and all manufacturing processes adhere to medical standards. Choosing Vplus means opting for a healthier alternative to traditional vapes.

AirIns S2 and S5 Device Compatibility:

Pair your Vplus Tank with the AirIns S2 or S5 device for the ultimate nicotine delivery system. Developed by the Feellife medical team, the AirIns series utilizes nebulized inhalation, improving efficiency and safety compared to traditional vapes.

Achieve More with AirIns S2 and S5:

  • Efficient Delivery: Thanks to the medical-grade nebulization device, the liquid is atomized into 2.5μm-5μm aerosol, ensuring swift and efficient absorption in the lungs.
  • Scientific Formulas: Our formulas eliminate redundant ingredients, retaining only high-purity tobacco-free nicotine, water for injection, and food-grade flavors, enhancing safety through a scientifically formulated blend.
  • Ambient Delivery: Nebulization occurs at ambient temperatures, preventing potential formula changes due to high temperatures and reducing associated risks.

Indicator Light Guide:

  • White light always on: Device is working.
  • White light flashing 5 times: Low battery automatic shutdown.
  • White light breathing flashing: Device is charging.
  • White light always on during charging: Fully charged.

Experience the future of vaping with Vplus – redefine your satisfaction with every flavorful puff.


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