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Genmist Heat Not Burn Heatsticks heater


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The heating device is designed for heat not burn heat sticks, compatible with Genmist heat sticks, and most of the heat is not burn products. The system heats the sticks rather than burns them, providing a smooth smoking experience at a heating temperature between 300℃ – 350℃.

SCOPE OF DELIVERY: Intelligent tobacco heater with USB charging cable, cleaning brush, 5 x alcohol cotton swabs for cleaning.

And operating instructions:
At the first use of the Genmist device you have to press the button 5 times in rapid succession. The device will enter the start-up process. The status LED will flash 3 times in the color according to the level of charge. If you want to check the battery level you have to press the button once. The status led will then flash one time in the color according to the level of charge. 80-100% white / 50-80% green / 20-50% blue / below 20% red To start the smoking / vaporizing process you have to place a stick of your choice into the device and press and hold down the button until the device vibrates one time. The device starts to heat up As soon as the holder reaches its temperature, it will vibrate one time. You can then make up to 15 inhalations The device counts every inhale that you make and the LED shows a light blue color. The device will vibrate one time to indicate that you soon will reach the maximum of inhales. At the last inhale, the device will power off automatically. You remove the stick from the device and throw it in the trash. It is recommended to clean the device after each use. It is possible to smoke up to 20 sticks with a fully charged device.

The heater is designed for Heatsticks that don’t burn heat, it’s compatible with Genmist Heatsticks and most products that don’t burn heat.

Size 93.9 x 21.7 x 16.6mm
Brand Genmist
Material Ceramics
Compatibility All Heat Not Burn Heatsticks
Colour Black
Battery 900mAh
Charging Time 1 Hour


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